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About the network

NMC brings together and develops current studies in the interrelations of migration, culture and aesthetics in the linguistically and culturally complex societies of the 20th and 21st centuries. It offers a scope that is both interdisciplinary and international, facilitating the collaboration and knowledge exchange between researchers abroad and researchers at the universities of Copenhagen, Roskilde, Southern Denmark, Århus and Aalborg. The interdisciplinary dimension involves migration studies, cultural studies, different studies in the fine arts as well as popular culture, cultural and cross-cultural theory, aesthetics and philosophy. The international dimension takes the form of a series of activities over two years with active participation of institutions and individuals from Denmark and abroad. 


The coordination and management of the network is the responsibility of a coordination group with members from the universities of Copenhagen, Southern Denmark, Århus and Aalborg. The network secretary is responsible for much of the practical administration and organisation.

Coordination Group
Mirjam Gebauer, Aalborg University
Eva Jørholt, University of Copenhagen
Sten Pultz Moslund, University of Southern Denmark
Anne Ring Petersen, University of Copenhagen (chair 2010-2013)
Moritz Schramm, University of Southern Denmark (chair 2014)
Mads Anders Baggesgaard, Aarhus University
Hans Hauge, Aarhus University (affiliated)

Network Secretary
Frauke Wiegand


The purpose of the network programme is not to undertake the research mentioned under Issues but to lay some of the ground for that work by bringing together interested scholars to discuss what the core questions and corresponding lines of research might be. To this effect, the network invites and arranges primarily internal one-day seminars for members of the network and related research groups and individual researchers, but with invited speakers from abroad.
Secondly, the network plans two two-day conferences (both with an open call for papers submitted to peer review), which will be open to a wider public. (See Network Events for past seminars and conferences)
It is also within the ambition of the network to facilitate the work of PhD students and pave the way for postdoctoral research. In addition to providing a cross-disciplinary, cross-institutional and international network for scholars at PhD level and giving them the opportunity to present papers, the network offers a yearly meeting for PhD students and master classes organised in collaboration with relevant PhD Programmes at Danish universities.
The working language of the network is English.


  • to ensure greater exchange among geographically scattered scholars within an expanding field of research, nationally as well as internationally; 
  • to include leading international experts on the network’s core themes;
  • to enable continual exchange between junior and senior researchers and support the work of PhD students;
  • to contribute to a developing body of theories and methods by interrogating central concepts and methods through comparative international research;
  • to identify and elucidate the distinctive contribution of the humanities to migration research;
  • to pave the way for the development of more comprehensive international research projects on the interrelations between migration and culture and prepare applications the for funding of research projects inspired by the network activities.