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7 October 2011

Network Seminar

Culture, Identity and Recognition

Seminar, October 7, 2011, with Andrea Albrecht (University of Freiburg), Moritz Schramm (University of Southern Denmark) and Isak Winkel Holm (University of Copenhagen)

Center for Modern European Studies, University of Copenhagen (see full program here)


2 November 2012

Network Seminar

Gender, Race and Migration

Trystan Cotten (California State University): “Trans-ing Barriers, Building Bridges: Forging Coalitions between Queer and POC Communities in the US”.

in cooperation with University of Roskilde's Center for Køn, Magt og Mangfoldighed (CKMM)


4 December 2012

Master Class with Nikos Papastergiadis

Cosmopolitanism, Politics and Aesthetics

In cooperation with the PhD Programme in Cultural Studies, Literature and the Arts, University of Copenhagen


5-7 December 2012

International Conference

Migration, Memory, and Place

In collaboration with the Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies

How can artistic and cultural representations of memory, migration and migrant experiences provide fruitful points of departure for the development of new theoretical concepts of place and belonging? How can we map and understand the complex transformations of places and memories through cultural migrations?

Keynotes: Edward S. Casey, Andreas Huyssen, Nikos Papastergiadis, Alistair Thomson, Sigrid Weigel

Venues: University of Copenhagen | ARKEN Museum of Modern Art


21-23 March 2013

Joint Seminar with The Copenhagen Somali Seminar (Copenhagen), Kayd Somali Arts and Culture (London) and Red Sea Cultural Foundation (Pisa)

Practicing Art as Politics

On the Potential of Somali Culture in Current Globalisation

A two-day seminar and cultural event with lectures and discussions and performances with Somali, English and Danish researchers and artists, among them, Maxamed Warsame Hadrawi and Maxamed Xaashi Gaarriye.


9 April 2013

Network Seminar

Postmigration | The Postmigrant in Arts & Culture

1-day seminar with Azadeh Sharifi (Berlin), Mark Terkessidis (Berlin) and network members, in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Dänemark


3-5 October 2013

International Conference

Displacements: Forced Migration and the Arts

Conference at Aarhus University with Parvati Nair, Madeleine Dobie, TJ Demos and Hamid Naficy, in cooperation with the research program in Globalization, Migration, and Memory at Aarhus University and the research project The World in French - on translations and traces of memory in globalized francophone literature.


23 October 2013

Masterclass with Mieke Bal

Migratory Aesthetics. Reading Moving Objects

in cooperation with the PhD School at the Faculty of Humanities


24-25 October 2013

International Conference

Crossroads. Europe, Migration and Culture

University of Copenhagen

Keynotes: Dina Iordanova, Mieke Bal, Savas Arslan, Yosefa Loshitzky and Tabish Khair


15-18 May 2014

Cultural event


University of Copenhagen, Nikolaj Kunsthal, DFI Cinematheque



18 March 2015

Seminar and Roundtable

Racialisation & Ethnification. Politics and Problems in Cultural Representations

University of Copenhagen

with Mathias Danbolt, Kjetil Rødje, Asta Smedegaard Nielsen, Erik Steinskog and Mads Anders Baggesgaard