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Racialisation & Ethnification

Politics and Problems in Cultural Representations

Seminar on 18 March, 2015, 13:15 – 18:00
Organised by Network for Migration and Culture

This seminar examines representations of ‘race’ and issues of racialisation and racism related to societies undergoing profound changes due to recent and ongoing immigration and witnessing eruptions of anti-immigrant and racist practices and politics. It focuses on the politics and problems of representing ‘race’ – long since recognised to be not a biological ’fact’ but a discursive and imaginary construct which, nevertheless, has severe, often violent and exclusionary, effects and consequences in lived reality due to the racialisation it produces.

One of the major challenges for contemporary scholars is to develop a pluralistic critique of the complex relations between power and diversity, not least in the increasingly heterogeneous European societies. A critique that recognises, for instance, that racialising discourses and modes of representation may comprise a whole range of ways of framing and marking the culturally or visibly different Other.

The focus of this seminar is distinctly on how racialisation is constructed, contested or negotiated in visual media, visual arts, literature and cultural activist accounts. How can and do these forms of expression, along with inventive forms of academic practice, help us develop new critical approaches to racialisation? Is ‘colour blindness’ an answer? Is the deconstruction of stereotypes?

Speakers: Mathias Danbolt, Kjetil Rødje, Asta Smedegaard Nielsen, Mads Anders Baggesgaard and Erik Steinskog.

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The seminar is in English. All are welcome!

Venue: University of Copenhagen, Njalsgade 136, Building 27, Room 27.0.9.

Registration: Participation in the seminar is free, but registration is needed. Send an email before 9 March 2015 to the organiser Anne Ring Petersen,